Organic Hand

Organic hand

Organic hand! This illustrative pictogram reminds me of the wood carvings found in most totem or religious handcrafted sculptures. It is filled with implied shapes and is layered, although not necessarily stacked like with an actual totem pole, but there is a stacking element to this work nonetheless. Everything about it screams an organic

Everything about it screams an organic flow. Other than the ends of the shapes that come to a point, everything else consists of curves. Your eyes are pulled into the never ending swirls, exit one way only to be drawn back into another. And like with totem pole sculptures, the carvings clearly delineates each individual shape just as we see here with the hand. Notice how the thumb id not just one shape with traditional showing. Rather, the artist decided to create it with two distinct shapes; the outer part and the inner part. Then the palm is broken into two or four is you count the negative (white) space. The fingers consist of several implied shapes and use of reverse space here as well. Simple but well executed in my opinion.

So, in order to confirm what I thought this logo to be, I’ve done some research on this style of art and have come across the following in my ”Totem” research. Check out what’s out there for the term Ojibwe. It’s quite interesting. Before I had even looked into this, I could tell that it was some form of a religious symbol and after having read up on it via the link above, I believe indeed I was on point with my initial analysis.

If you enjoyed this one, visit my pictogram category for more critiques like this as well as my Illustrative logos which are of a similar visual language in my humble opinion but take a look and comment either way and let me know what you think.

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