Hot tamale


Although this may not be an award-winning logo, it still grabs your attention. You see it and automatically begin to salivate or reach for a glass of water or more accurately, a glass of milk to cool down your pallet. (Side note: for those of you who may not know, dairy products actually helps relieve the heat from a pepper. Water does not. It, on the other hand actually amplifies it. Try it for yourself, next time you have some spicy food, drink water. You’ll see, the burning feeling will appear to take over your entire skull but if, on the other hand, you take a spoonful of plain yogurt, a glass of milk or some solid or cottage cheese, the pain, and yes, I said pain, will subside.)

So back to the logo. What I like about this logo :

  • The punchy colors of course
  • The complementary colors
    • (Although, the designer can’t really take credit for that. Nature is the culprit)
  • The contrasting shapes
    • You have the organic feminine curves in stark contrast to the stem of the chili pepper which is basically a starburst
  • The highlights gives it a succulent look
  • The contrasting shadows
  • The gradient
  • The somewhat script font that’s got a bit of weight to it

This illustrative logo, most certainly designed in Illustrator is fun and playful. It was definitely designed with food in mind. I’m certain it was intended either for a restaurant or hot sauce. Either way, when I look at it, all I want to do is eat. How about you? Do you share the same sentiment? Does it make your mouth water, your eyes tear up just thinking about all that flavor it’ll bring to your meal? Sure does for me.

So tell me, of the logos I’ve critiqued so far, which one is you favorite? Check out my previous ”candidates” on my Home Page.

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