The gmail logo is simple but quite clever. Don’t let the simplicity fool ya. A lot of thought went into it. I was very well executed in its final presentation and the symbolism behind it.

What I love about it is that they took the shape of a plain old envelope and tied it in with the letter M to symbolize ”mail”. They used an old icon, the conventional envelope for snail mail and gave it new life by modernising it for digital delivery.

It is very easy to interpret although, admittedly one might not see it at first glance but once you do, it’s like ”Ohhh!”.┬áIn some ways, it reminds me of the FedEx logo that has the hidden arrow in it to symbolize a speedy delivery.

So there you have it. Google mail, a.k.a gmail is a perfect example how design can be well thought out and deliver hard with meaning. Fancy isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes all you really need are a few vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines matched with two main colors (and a variation of them to add some depth) and there you go; success!

I think I’ll pick up where I left off and talk about the FedEx logo next time.

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