We all know the FedEx logo. That purple and [Fill in the blank], depending on the service provided.
There is : 

  • Express (which we are all most familiar with)
  • Ground
  • Corporation
  • Smart Post


FedEx Express           FedEx_Ground_250 

FedEx SmartPost           FedEx Corporation

I’m not too familiar with the last two logos; the SmartPost and the Corporation but I can put common sense to the test for the first two. 

Not quite sure I understand the logic behind the coloring for each one with again an exception for the first two being the ”Express” (as mentioned in my angry wolverine logo analysis, orange is the color of vitality, energy, and movement so it makes sense that they’d use this color here) and the ”Ground” (green represents the Earth so I totally get that) but as for the others, not quite sure. But that’s beside the point. What I want to bring your attention to is the subliminal message within this simple yet well thought out logo. Have you ever noticed the hidden symbol within this logo? ”Hidden symbol!?” you ask. Yes, look closely. Do you see an arrow? Look carefully…

Nope, still don’t see it? OK, here’s hint, it’s between the last two letters: the E and the x. Now do you see it? Pretty clever huh! Yes, this represents FedEx’s ability to get your package from one destination to the next in record speed. They make a B-line for it. Whatever the circumstances or you particular needs, they’ll honour their commitment to you. That arrow may be very simple and I’m sure overlooked but it is very powerful and speaks volumes with no words needed. Everytime you see it, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, deep down inside you know that you can count on FedEx. You can’t always put your finger on just Why but you know you can. 

It’s quite clever of FedEx actually because rather than using a tagline, they opted rather, to say it all with a symbol rather than with words which, when done correctly, is way more effective in my opinion. Way to go FedEx! Great job!!


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