Angry Wolverine


This vector based logo is of some type of animal. I say of an angry wolverine, hence the title I chose to name this post but hey, I’m no expert, I could be wrong. Anyway, we’re not here to debate the accuracy of my knowledge of fauna. We’re here to discuss this logo which jumped out at me. Unfortunately, I’m not too sure of the source in order to mention what this logo was designed for but we can investigate nonetheless. nonetheless

So here I love the use of color. Orange, Black (or some variation of it if you look closely). Perhaps there is a touch of orange in it to warm it up to more of a very chocolaty dark brown so that it ties in ever so slightly better with the pop of orange. And lastly, white. It’s simple yet grabs your attention. When we study the psychology behind the strategic use of orange, we see that it was most probably used to express vitality, energy, health, etc. It is the colour of joy and optimism. Orange is a stimulant.

I would reckon that this was designed for some type of College varsity sports team or something. I get a sense of competitive spirit when I look at it. This is not only due to its color scheme, bit also in the ”language” of this logo. By this, I mean the flow of the lines; the shapes. It comes across as strong and aggressive from the obvious pointy fangs; to the peaks of the fur coat, to the very sloped almond-shaped eyes; the ears that stand erect (get your mind out of the gutter); to the lightning bolt like inner part of the ear.

This is set in contrast to some smoother, more organic shapes. This is, after all, an animal and not modern architecture. The dip in the forehead, peak of the nose and ”S” curve of the jaw all soften this logo and make it more relatable to nature.

All in all, I have to say that I quite like this logo and as my first critique, I quite enjoyed the exercise of dissecting it. Hope

Hope you enjoyed it as well and got something from it. Perhaps the next time you look at a logo you’ll pause and take it in and the thought and craftsmanship that went into it. Please leave a Comment or feel free to reach out and send me a private message. Till next time.

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