About Clogonow

Intro LogoClogonow is a site all about Critiquing Logos. I enjoy looking at various logos and dissecting them. Examining the use of colours, fonts, imagery and so forth.

Logos can make or break a company’s branding image. We interpret images way faster than we do text. Even when reading we are not simply looking at the individual letters that for form a word, sentence and an entire paragraph. What we are unconsciously absorbing and decoding are the shapes first and foremost. Then with every word we read, our mind forms a visual and we string these images together to form a thought. This all happens rather quickly so we are not even aware that we are doing it but believe that we are. The brain is a very sophisticated tool and if we present it with the right information, it’ll create all sorts of connections.

Wit logos, the same is true. We get a visceral feeling as soon as we see an image. It either speaks to us or it doesn’t. We can then employ a second step which is a conscious analysis as opposed to the initial gut reaction we have, and start to study and image, in our case a logo, and understand why we believe it works or it doesn’t. This is what I plan to do here on this site and hopefully you’ll agree with my analysis but if you don’t, by all means, feel free to tell me why you don’t in the Comments section. I’m always up for a good debate and I think other readers will enjoy the exchange too. Alternatively, you can hit me up in my Contacts section and send me a private message or just click here to send me an email.

So, I invite you to check back periodically to see which logos I have selected and read my 2 cents on why I think it works or why I think it doesn’t and possibly what I would do differently if I was the designer.